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BOB CRUMP - Pages 194-195 Lyon County KY Lunatic Inquest Book

Page 194
Special Term
State of Kentucky ] SCT State of Ky, Lyon Co
Lyon County Court Feby 5th 1907
Bob Crump ] Lunatic

This day W L Crone, Attorney for the Commonwealth, filed an information as follows, to-wit:

To Hon. W L Crumbaugh, Judge of the Lyon County Court:
I am reliably informed that Bob Crump is a person of unsound mind, and a lunatic and therefore ask that a jury be impaneled to pass upon the subject.

W L Krone County Attorney
Ordered by the Court, That M C Nelson Esq, an Attorney of this Court, be and he is hereby appointed to defend for and on behalf of the person under trial.

To inquire, etc., comes a jury to-wit: C Armstrong, B P Patterson, Harmon Doom, W P Beck, I T Hollowell, W L Collins, John Collins, George Hill, Tom Moran, W K Fui?, J C Moran & Tom Jenkins

who being duly impaneled and sworn according to law, after hearing the evidence, returned the following verdict, viz: We of the jury find from the evidence that Bob Crump is a person of sound mind and not a lunatic; that the unsoundness of mind

[signatures of jurors listed above with foreman listed]
C Armstrong

The court having heard the evidence and having information of the condition of the mental condition of the person under trial formore than one year is of opinion that the verdict is not sustained by the evidence wherefore it is adjudged by the Court that said verdict be set aside and a new inquest is awarded.

[the following information was left not filled in]
is of unsound mind and a _____ lunatic and that ______ be immediately conveyed to the asylum at __________ Kentucky, and _______is appointed to convey ____ to said asylum and he is allowed _____ guard.

Attest: W L Crumbaugh Judge Lyon County Court

Page 195

Brief History of Case

1.(a) Age – about 50 years
(b) Occupation - laborer
(c) Married or Single - single
(d) Habits -
(e) Educated - no
2.(a) What relations have been insane - no
3.(a) Date of first attack -
(b) How exhibited -
(c) Has it changed in character at any any former period -
4.(a) Supposed cause – not known
(b) Any peculiar illusions and what -
(c) Subject to fits. No How long -
From what cause -
(d) Natural Temper - yes
5.(a) Attempt at suicide - no
(b) Violence toward others - no
6.Periodic frenzy -
7.(a) Restraint imposed -
(b) Treatment used - none
(c) Bleeding -
8. Injury about head -

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