Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Fun Family Day

This family reunion thing is getting to be fun. I attended the PARRENT Family reunion in Eddyville, Kentucky in July; all my children have been home at least two weekends since July [they came down from St Louis Missouri and Knoxville, Tennessee]; today I attended a GRAY family get-together in Eddyville, Kentucky; next weekend is a GRAY family group again for an aunt's 90th birthday in Eddyville, Kentucky, and the weekend after that is the TOWNE FAMILY ASSOCIATION meeting in Branson, Missouri; AND the weekend after that is my 40th high school reunion in Tallahassee, Florida [don't know if I'm going to make THAT one]. It's really nice to see my cousins. One of my mother's sisters had SEVEN children, and they were ALL at the GRAY get-together today. What a neat picture that is of my first cousins. The oldest in the group of seven will be 70 the end of this month, and the youngest will be 50 next month. Here's the pic:

All the pics of the GRAY folks from today can be seen here:

Pictures of GRAY get-together

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